Download Ready to go MaXPI Distribution

For your convenience you can download a ready to go MaXPI distribution for Unix, Linux and Windows (and perhaps Macintosh but not tested now) . You only need a Java JDK installed on your system. Just unpack in a directory and read the README.txt for detailed installation and usage instructions.

I promise you need less than 5 minutes to start coding your first Mozilla Application !

Download MaXPI Standalone

Download MaXPI Standalone (maven-xpi-plugin-0.1.jar).

Install MaXPI Standalone

You must have Maven installed and running on your system. Copy maven-xpi-plugin-0.1.jar in your MAVEN_HOME/plugin directory where MAVEN_HOME is the directory of your Maven installation.


The Properties can be overridden to change the default behavior of the Maven XPI Plug-in. If you need to override any of these properties, please refer to the Integration document for the preferred method of setting properties in your project.


Use the goals that are available when using the XPI Plug-in with Maven described in the goals document.

New XPI Project